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Venni Sas is a young, dynamic and innovate company, with proven experience in the mechanical-textile business field, specifically in the circular textile knitting machine sector for the production of socks for men, women, kids, panty hose, “seamless”, and relevant machinery and accessories, as well as a deep knowledge of the finished product.

Its founder, Massimo Venni, can boast of an over 25 years experience, intensely lived in Italy and from abroad, first as well-known manager of leading Italian industrial groups, than as autonomous business man, able to move himself among the complicated international scenery, always keeping his competitive edge and the solid principle that is his characteristic, for which commercial relationships need to be founded on the long lasting personal relationship with customers, agents, distributors, retailers and suppliers.

Following this strategy, Venni Sas, takes place on the world-wide market as global company, which can assure a high quality of standard level and reliability, as well as always offering the best technological and commercial solutions available within the whole socks knitting machine business sector.
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Venni Sas offers used socks machines that are always of a high standard.
The machines are checked and tested before delivery to the final customer, by qualified skilled staff, in order to avoid any kind of problem once the machines arrive to the end user.
This is the thought and the commercial politics which defines us and rewarded us with customer’s trust and respect.
Kick-start your brain. New ideas come from watching something, talk to people, experimenting, asking questions and getting out of the office!
Steve Jobs
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